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  • Reflexology

    Restoring Balance By Applying Pressure To The Reflexes On The Feet

    The "Push-Button" Approach To Improving Wellbeing

    By applying pressure to the various reflexes located on the feet, the body can be brought back into balance. You can think of these reflexes as "buttons." These reflexes correspond to the various organs and parts of the body. When pressure is applied to a specific reflex, it's associated organ or area of the body is stimulated, which in turn promotes wellness.


    This is not a foot massage. While it may be relaxing, I am more concerned with restoring balance and improving your health. I seek out areas of tenderness or "crunchy" areas, because they can indicate areas of your body that are stressed. I then focus on working the stressed reflexes, aiming to make them less sensitive or "crunchy." Doing reflexology like this provides the best results, and achieving results is what I'm most concerned with.

    The Benefits Of Reflexology

    Because the feet contain reflexes that stimulate the organs and parts of the body, reflexology can be useful for addressing a number of health imbalances.


    In fact, in one analysis of 8096 clinical cases, foot reflexology was discovered to be 93.63% effective in the treatment of 63 disorders1. However, it is important to say that reflexology or a reflexologist does not treat or cure disease; the body corrects itself.


    The benefits of reflexology include:

    • Pain relief
    • Improved circulation
    • Reduced stress and anxiety
    • Reduced tension
    • Improved wellbeing
    • Enhanced detoxification

    Reflexology Prices

    $60 - Foot reflexology session - 60 minutes


    $30 - Foot reflexology session - 30 minutes


    Cash or check accepted.

  • About Wellness Consultations

    A Multi-Faceted Approach To Improving Health

    The Holistic Support You Need For Total Wellness

    The body has an amazing ability to heal itself, but it's healing ability is hindered by poor nutrition and lifestyle habits. To get back on the path of wellness, you want to make sure you are giving your body exactly what it needs. Often times, achieving optimal health means adopting the right lifestyle, nutritional and herbal protocols to support your natural healing ability.


    At different times of the year I offer targeted wellness programs designed to help you reach your specific health goals. Subscribe to my email newsletter to be informed when my next wellness program is being offered.

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  • Testimonials

    Feedback From Clients

    "Garet is a very skilled, knowledgeable, and personable Reflexologist. He has helped me immensely with my health issues, some of which I've had a long time. I highly recommend him."

    - S.B.

    "Tucson is foot lucky.
    Garet is a true healer and Tucson is lucky he landed here. He is the best foot reflexologist that I ever experienced and I have been to many all over the world. His intuitive hands are attentive and he has the ability to tune in to what your body needs. Several days after my treatment, I felt balanced and energized. In my yoga classes, I usually fall out of the balance yoga poses after 30 or 40 seconds. After treatment for the few days I was able to hold all balance poses for the full two minutes.
    Garet is kind, attentive and wise. Thank You Garet!"

    - Margaret A.

    Posted on Yelp on 2/10/2019

    "After an hour of Garet working on my feet, I felt I could float out of his office. My hip ache stopped, and lower back pain was relieved. He definitely knows his stuff."

    - K A.

    Posted on Yelp on 2/10/2019

    "I was visiting Tucson recently and my sister insisted I see Garet--she said he was phenomenal. Garet lived up to his billing--one of the best reflexologists I've ever been to. He has good intuitive hands and is quite knowledgeable."

    - Peter B.

    Posted on Yelp on 2/11/2019

  • About Garet

    Garet began formally studying alternative medicine at the American College of Health Care Sciences, where he received an Associates of Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine with Honors, Diploma in Herbal Studies Master Herbalist with Honors, Diploma in Holistic Health Practice with Honors, and a Certificate in Wellness Consulting with Honors.


    In his studies at ACHS he learned about reflexology and was intrigued by the idea that reflexes on the feet could be used to stimulate organs and other parts of the body. After experimenting on himself and family, he was fascinated by the results, and believed it would be a powerful tool for promoting health. He soon became a Certified Reflexologist through the Reflexology Certification Board, and is excited to incorporate reflexology into his holistic health practice.

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    If you have any questions please feel free to call, text, or email me through the form below, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible! I look forward to hearing from you!


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    All office visits are by appointment only.

    4621 N 1st Ave, Suite 12
    Tucson, AZ 85718
  • References

    1. "An Exploration of the Clinical Indication of Foot Reflexology, A Retrospective Analysis of its Clinical Application to 8096 Cases,’ by Liang, Wang. In China Reflexology Symposium Report, China Reflexology Association, October, 1996, Beijing
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